Board of Trustees

Why do we have a Board?

All New Zealand state and state-integrated schools are required to have a Board of Trustees under the New Zealand Education Act.

What does the Board do? 

The Board governs the school whilst the Principal manages the day to day running of the school. The Board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school, overseeing the management of personnel, property, finance and administration. It is the Board's responsibility to deal with employment matters referred to them by the Principal as well as ensuring the school communicates effectively with the community.

Who is on the Board?

The Board of Trustees is made up of parent representatives, a staff representative and the Principal. This small group of people work behind the scenes to make sure our school runs effectively to raise student achievement. 

Ma’ao Vaireka - Chairperson

Andrea Scanlan - Principal

Bashier Esbach - Board Member

Edwin Pibal - Board Member

Matt Pegg  - Staff Representative

Shalini Gounder - Board Secretary

Rosie Van Beusekom - Board Member

Nohokaianga Pulekautaha-Lai - Board Member

Fenella Heely - Board Member

To contact a member of the board in confidence you can email the board chairperson at


Where and when do the board meet?

Meetings are held approximately once a month, please see the office or contact the school to find out about upcoming board meetings.


What should I do if I have a concern or issue I would like to see addressed?

First speak to the relevant staff member, and then the Principal, before reaching Board level. The Policy regarding Concerns and Complaints can be found on the Schooldocs page. The link is on the website 'Information' page under 'School Policies.'


Where can I find a copy of the minutes?

A copy of the minutes are posted on the school noticeboard in the reception area.

Can I attend a meeting?

Members of the school community are welcome to attend and observe at any Board meetings. If you would like to attend please contact us.