After school care

Konini After School Care has been providing childcare services at Konini Primary School since 2005, and value each and every child that has come through our doors.

We offer a wide variety of activities including having playstations, xbox 360, badminton, ripper rugby, lego, pretend play areas, and areas for the children to relax. There are also heaps of craft activities to do.

We also can help parents by assisting with reading books (having an ex-teacher aide on staff) and other homework as required. We have a lot of reference books available as well for passion projects.

Before School Care starts at 6.45am and provides breakfast, after School Care closes at 6pm, and provides afternoon tea.

Holiday programme runs the duration of the school holidays from 6.45 am – 6.00 pm.

Breakfast and afternoon tea provided.

All trips included in cost.

OSCAR subsidies are available.


Diane Wilkie

027 51 89890