passion projects

At Konini Primary School, the senior students have an opportunity to explore and find out about an area that is of high interest to them.

We start of the process with what we call our 'Passion Ignition Workshops'. This is when we get in a range of experts from all sorts of places (our parent community, local businesses, Museums such as Te Papa, etc) ad they run hands-on workshops to expose and inspire our learners to new ideas and potential passions.

From there, our learners choose an area that they want to know more about and connect with other students from across the senior school who have the same passion/interest. They groups works together to connect with experts locally, from around New Zealand and even globally. Students organise their own trips to places that will help their projects which can take them all around Wellington.

As well as being a student led curriculum, passion projects are strongly focused on developing active learners. They are expected to reflect on their learning each week and plan what they need to do the following. They also do rotations which engage and challenge them, and also reflect on how they were active learners during the activity.

It is a programme the students really enjoy and brings so many benefits.