In 2017, Konini Primary school became an Enviroschool. The Enviroschools programme encourages learners to work together to take action and make change in order to act sustainably now and in the future.

Enviroschools is based on five guiding principles:

Empowered Students are encouraged to plan and be part of the decision making process, exploring ways they can act sustainably to improve their school and local environment. They take action and make change in their environment.

Learning for Sustainability enriches students’ knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, awareness and participation in sustainable practises.

Māori Perspectives honours and values the knowledge and practises of tangata whenua to enhance and support learning and action.

Respect for the Diversity of People and Cultures recognises and values diverse perspectives, allowing students to learn through their experiences, science, local knowledge, traditions and through different cultural concepts and practises.

Sustainable Communities act in ways that nurture people and nature, now and in the future. Students are encouraged to be role models of sustainable practice, teachers among their families and peers and future leaders who will understand sustainable decision making.