Mutukaroa is the name of our school and community learning partnership.

Mutukaroa is about working with parents and whānau to understand how your child is progressing in their learning over the first three years at school.

It is about supporting parents to help their children in their learning at home.

Some feedback that our parents have shared about our Mutukaroa meetings:

"it is good to find out how my child is doing at school and find out how we can support him at home"

"I know the reading level my child is at and how much he has improved since our last meeting. I got to see his writing book, that I enjoyed reading, and that his writing has also improved as well"

" They provide me with reading material that helps my child. We know where they are and what areas we can focus on together"

"It was great to know that my kids are in good hands and they have been enjoying going to school everyday, and it means the world to us! Thank you for you hard work!"

"I feel involved in my child's learning and love that I can support him at home. Mutukaroa is a great programme. Well done K.P.S for doing this!"

"It's great to know my kids are in good hands, and they have all the support they need in school. It also help to know how we can help our kids at home, and in what areas they need more help."

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you and your child's learning together.

Catherine Wong

Assistant Principal