Middle Syndicate

General Information

Child Absences:
We ask parents to notify the school by 9.30am if your child will be absent from school that day. Otherwise the school will endeavor to contact parents to determine their child's whereabouts.
From time to time children sustain injuries in their course of play. Minor injuries are treated in the medical room and the child usually returns to class when it is thought advisable. In the case of more serious injuries, or when the child is obviously unwell through sickness, parents are contacted and asked to collect their child. All treatment given is recorded in the accident register. Please keep the school informed if your child develops any allergies.
Affordable Activity Fees:
These are set at the first Board of Trustees meeting for the year and are published in the newsletter. $25.00 per child per term or $35.00 per family per term.
Assemblies are held every second Wednesday from 1.45 to 2.30pm. The assemblies are organized by the senior students of the school. The emphasis is on the sharing of childrens work and acknowledgment of achievements.
Children may ride to school, where suitable facilities are available for storage of bikes during the day. If they wish to lock bikes up, they need to provide a bike chain and lock.  We do not encourage children under eight to ride to school by themselves. It is expected that all children that bike to school wear a helmet and be familiar with road safety.
Scholastic Book Club:
Children have the opportunity, of purchasing books through the school at a reduced rate. This offer is available several times a year.
Board of Trustees:
Chairperson: Maao Vaireka, Principal: Neil Sainsbury Staff Representative: Judy Benseman Board Members: Fenella Heeley, Bashier Esbach, Ursula Walker, Jeremy Adrian, Amy Ririnui - Board Secretary.
Please contact the school at least one month before your childs fifth birthday to make arrangements for your child's pre-entry visits.  You will need to bring along a copy of your child's Immunisation Certificate from your Well Health Book, a birth certificate or Passport will also need to be sighted. Prospective parents and children are welcome to visit the school at any time and see it in action. Please contact the Office to make arrangements.
"Regular Homework" is usually centered on literacy and numeracy. This normally involves the child reading to you, or reading together, especially junior children. Although homework is the child's responsibility, parental support or assistance is encouraged and to be acknowledged i.e.: signing of their spelling notebook and reading diary. Other activities e.g.: maths, integrated subjects, may be issued to the senior children. Children are expected to dedicate a set time for their homework each night.
Library (see Library page for more information)
We have a well-stocked modern library in the school. Children will be encouraged to use this for both research and recreation. The school expects parents to accept responsibility for books lost or damaged at home. As books are usually quite expensive items, it is reasonable therefore to expect parents to cover the replacement costs of lost or damaged books.
Lunch Orders
We have Subway for our lunch orders on a Friday only.  Children can bring the orders to the office from 8.30am to 8.50am in the Office on Friday morning.  Envelopes for Subway orders are in all classes and available from the school office.  Please have correct money in a named sealed envelope. Parents run the lunch system, and they need helpers, so if you are available please contact the Office.
Price details are also available from the office.
There are many occasions when money is brought to school for stationery, trips, visits, or other activities. It is appreciated if the following procedures could be observed when money is taken to the Office:
Money or cheques must be in a sealed envelope with the following details:
  • Child's name
  • Child's room number
  • Amount enclosed
  • What the money is for
  • Cheques should be made out to "Konini Primary School" unless directed otherwise.
Outdoor Education
Our school has a camp for the senior children which is held every second year. The school camp has become part of the school's culture and will be the highlight of the year for many students. The camp serves to unite teachers and students alike and also helps build a close team bond amongst parents, staff and pupils. Parents help is essential to the viability of having a camp.
Activities include: Canoeing, Bush Walks, Swimming, Kayaking, Flying Fox, Team Building.
Parent Help
Education of children at Konini Primary School is a partnership between teachers and parents. We appreciate the many offers of help from parents who are willing to assist with publishing, reading, maths, clubs, sports, music, lunches and trips to name a few.
If you are able to help in any way, please contact the office.
Our school is well resourced with modern technology and teaching aids.
Two interviews are held with parents every year. The first interview (term 1) involves setting specific goals for the child. The second interview (term 2) is a review of the child's achievements against the goals set, as well as against the achievement objectives linked to the National Curriculum Documents. The school has an "open door" policy, and parents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their child's teacher.
School Goals
Konini Primary, through the leadership of the BOT, Principal and staff, will strive to meet the goals created through the Schools Vision.

To create a positive learning environment that is innovative, where teachers, staff and students choose excellence.
  1. To create a safe and welcoming environment that meets the needs of all children.
  2. To instil a school climate that values its teachers and their professionalism.
  3. To have a well resourced school.
  4. To foster a supportive partnership between parents, teachers and community.

School Hours
8:50am - 2:50pm, with breaks at 11.00am and 12.50pm. We prefer children not at arrive at school before 8.15am. The school will not be held responsible for children before 8.30am and after 3.30pm
For safety reasons, we ask all parents and pupils to use the footpath beside the drive and not walk through the car park.
Special Needs
Children with special needs are identified and an individual programme of work is planned and implemented with the assistance of specialist personnel e.g.: Reading Recovery Teacher or Resource Teacher Of Learning and Behaviour. The Board of Trustees allocates a budget to ensure all children and staff have the appropriate resources to enhance better learning and behaviour.
The senior school children are able to participate in all Inter-School sporting activities. The sports include: Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, Mini-Ball, Swimming, Cross Country, Gymnastics, and Athletics. 
Stationery is available through Office Max or a number of other stationery suppliers.  Stationery lists are available from the office for each class.  Stationery can be ordered on line from Office Max at the start of the year. 
Sun Hats
The wearing of sun hats during periods of outdoor activities during Terms 1 & 4 is compulsory. The most suitable hats are those that protect the face, neck and ears. (Not caps). Children without suitable hats will be asked to remain in shady areas during playtime and lunchtime.
All children are expected to be involved with the regular swimming programme during the summer season. This is part of the Physical Education and Health Curriculum.
Toys at School
Children for a variety of reasons bring belongings to school. While some occasions may be appropriate for this, the bringing of toys, computer games and valuables, as a rule is discouraged. No responsibility can be taken for items brought for play purposes.
There will be no cost involved, although you may be asked to accompany children. For longer trips, notices will always be sent home for your permission. 

These may include: Walks in the local community, local parks and playground, fitness activities involving short walks and runs, education outside the classroom e.g.: orienteering Local schools, kindergartens, shops
Whole School Events
At least once a term, the whole school will combine together and work on a common theme. Children may be in year 1-6 groupings, or age groups for those programmes. Past themes have included dinosaurs, space, weather, and water.

Behaviour Management

Every person has the right to learn, and the teacher has the right to teach, without unnecessary interruption. One of the central tasks of any school is to modify inappropriate pupil behavior - learning and social. We view this as a partnership, sharing responsibility between the school, home and community. We ensure that learning / programmes and classroom environments are effective to meet the needs of all students. For those who show inappropriate behavior, then a series of steps is initiated, with known consequences. This plan (copy available from the office) is followed throughout the school.

It is part of the process of making the child responsible for his/her behaviour. Children must know the consequences and be accountable.
Discipline: Behavior that often lead to disruptions have been identified, and as a result, a 'Code of Conduct' has been established as follows:
In this school I will:
  • Respect other people's feelings
  • Walk at all times inside the buildings
  • Let others work and play
  • Listen to others
  • Keep my hands, feet and objects to myself.